Below are examples of recent client collaborations. Each piece was designed with clients for specific purposes ranging from telling the history of a corporate office to creating a personal haven of self-expression for a child's room.

Jen Shaw, Pegasus

The Stephens Garage Collection

Trapolin-Peer Architects

Trapolin-Peer Architecture


Nola Color Study

The primary colors, culinary significance and elegant southern simplicity make this a very successful piece which can be used in many design situations.

Aggressively Unwind

This image approaches a serene landscape with an aggressive process of packaging bits of information to make up the whole. This piece was commissioned by the client to represent the detail oriented day to day work that must be done to realize a vision.

Darth Vader.jpg

Sparkle Vader

This bedazzled Darth Vader was created for a young Star Wars fan. Adding a playful spin to the character made it suitable for a child's room.


Strawberry Hubig's

An original Hubig's Pie preserved in resin commemorates the legendary New Orleans bakery.

kitchen tools.jpg

Tools of the Trade

Drawing on the clients culinary interest this piece celebrates not the craft of cooking but the tools of the trade while prominently featuring family heirlooms.